In TAKIGAHARA NATURE SCHOOL, What is the symbiosis between people and the Earth or we will learn together with nature in order to explore.
In this ever-changing world, we believe it is important to stay curious. It is a Danish philosopher, creation of folk high schools Grundtvig, which is also the start who he said "We learn for life" . This is a key idea for cultural development.
Let's cultivate a life rooted in the community and a global way of thinking. Let's develop technology by hand, wisdom by head, and human relations by heart according to the flow of the seasons. This is not a school that decides what is good or bad. It is a place that invites various perspectives. This is not a school where students learn from teachers. It's a place where you can use your entire body to learn from everyone. This is not a school for professions or qualifications. It is a place to explore your own way of life with nature.

From Anna Grønkjær Jensen, Takigahara Nature School Founder

I woke up to a choir of frogs singing from the rice fields. Their sound made me realise the silence over winter. What are they singing about i wondered? I remember their existence clearly from last year. How their voices were slowly getting stronger towards summer, moving from the land of rice to the mystery of the forest. I would encounter their elegant jumps on the paths in the mountain, jumping slightly myself as a surprised gesture for them to continue their mission peacefully without my interruption. Where would I jump if I was a frog? Neither the frog nor I am aware of the other’s reason for existing. What would this ecosystem look like if the frog decided not to be here next year?

Life in Takigahara has invited me to feel part of nature. Each day and each season is offering a special curriculum of beautiful details to pay attention to and wonder about. I believe that in this ever-changing world, it is important to remain curious. Grundtvig, the Danish philosopher and founder of Folk High School, said: "We learn for life” which seems of perpetual importance for our cultural and natural development.

Takigahara Nature School grew out of these natural surroundings and our motivation to learn. Let's cultivate a local way of life and a global mindset. Let us follow the seasons and nurture skills with our hands, wisdom with our minds and relationships with our hearts. We wish to break the divide between field and forest to understand the ecosystem as a whole. We hope to welcome many different perspectives and navigate gently towards positives futures together.

Summer semester schedule

  • June 12-13: Natural mind & heart
  • July 10-11: Eternal energy, eternal power
  • August 7-8: From fire to community
  • September 11-12: Soil spirit
  • October (dates and program TBC)

JUNE June 12-13 "NATURAL MIND -Natural Mind-"

What is this body and "I"? Our "mind" dwells in our "body". The sources of cells in the body are not limited to "eating", but sunlight, air, and water. Only with all of these I can be myself. Like the vegetables that grow in the fields, our bodies get various energies and are kept alive. All the substances that make up me are gifts from nature. The microorganisms that live in the water and soil of the mountains, and the light of the sun and moon live in "I". And the old skin and hair that came out of my body was struck by the wind and fell to the ground, and my mind naturally became one.

5 elements Food and body Lecturer Miyamoto Tamiko
, Wildflower World
, Medicine Dinner
, Live Charlie Miyamoto

・ Morning meditation
・ Plum work Harvesting and making pickled plums

July 10-11 "ETERNAL ENERGY -Eternal Power-"

Energy is in and around us. It is constantly changing from one state to another. The eggs you eat for breakfast move away from your body to make strangers smile on the road. The sun's rays coming out from behind the clouds give the tomatoes warmth and grow them into sweet, bright red gems. The oil that springs from the bottom of the ocean powers the factory for producing the iPhone you have in your pocket. How does energy conversion affect the human mind, the community, and the planet?

plant dyeing instructor, Misa Ushiozuma
, eternal food instructor, Anna
Eternal Dinner

stray work Bean sowing
, river lunch
, sewing instructor Facy Orion

Lecturer: Ushiozuma Saki

August 7-8 " FROM FIRE TO COMMUNITY -From Fire to Japanese- "

Tens of thousands of years ago, a monkey learned to manipulate fire. You can now cook with fire, and suddenly you can easily digest what you couldn't eat before. The energy needed for digestion is now available for the development of the human brain. The use of fire has opened a whole new world for humankind. And people have surrounded the fire, connected with God and their neighbors, and built up culture and civilization. Before I knew it, the fire disappeared from our lives. All I have to do is look at the swaying flames and learn from the ancestors who have been convinced of things at the end of their hearts.

・ Fire wisdom
・ Flame cooking @ Kurosaki Kaigan   Lecturer FLAT KITCHEN

8th Mountain Day
/ Kurakakeyama Climbing Guide Kurakakeyama Lovers Association
/ Rye Bread Lunch
/ Local Community Guest Takigahara Town Chairman Yoritake Shimosaka

Guest Profile After working as a chef at Meissen in
Shimosaka Yoritake

September 11-12 "SOIL SPIRIT -Soul of the Earth-"

Does the soil have a soul? Soil is a collection of living organisms including fungi, and is also a habitat for plants and insects. Personally, I rarely feel the soul in the infinite soil. However, the soil that is sweated and fertilized by hand salt feels a lot of soul. Isn't my soul and the soul in my field one and the same? I think that local love is an emotion born from the heart of cherishing the soil that gives food. Let's touch on the wisdom of our ancestors who have nurtured culture on the soil, protecting the treasure named soil. Soil Sprit to make even garbage feel lovable.

・ Sat and health
・ Stray work Compost digging hole
・ Ana and hole cooking HOLE FOOD EXPERIENCE

Stray work Harvesting
, rice bran floor workshop Lecturer  Yuka Konon

Lecturer profile: Shokon Yuhana


Tuition fee
① All 5 times (months):150,000 yen130,000 yen * Currently accepting! Recruitment capacity 5 people
② 1 time: 30,000 yen * Currently accepting!   Recruitment capacity 10 people each time

1 night 2 days included 4 meals Saturday: noon / night Sunday: morning / noon 1 bunk bed @Takigahara Craft and Stay * Lecture

* If you are unavoidably absent, you can retake another class in the next spring semester. * If you would like a private room, please contact us for an additional charge. * Cancellation fee: 5,000 yen (starts 2 weeks before the course date )

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