Recipe by Nao Mikami

The morning after a night around a campfire in the woods of Nagano, I woke up in the morning and take a deep breath in the nature. I rekindled the fire and looked for what food was left. There were snap peas, turnip, broccolini, and eggs, the inspiration for this recipe. Super simple, the special spice is nature: an open-air meal, surrounded by trees and greens.

Olive oil
Fresh greens, chopped (such as nanohana, kale and cabbage)
Free-range eggs
Salt & pepper

  1. Sauté greens in olive oil till it gets color. Season with salt and pepper.
  2. Add eggs onto the greens making the eggs covers as much of the greens as possible.
  3. Wait for the eggs to cook. Season with salt and pepper to serve.

Note: To cook the eggs faster you can put a lid on the pan. This will make the egg yolk white.

Photo by Daisuke Takashige