Words and recipe by Misa Murata of Verseau

“With the coming of the new year, I feel like otoso nourishes me not only in my body but also in my mind.”

The theme I chose for my brew was ‘things I can receive from my surroundings'. I chose sake and mirin from my local sake brewery in Aichi Prefecture, the yuzu came from my neighbor, and the kuromoji came from a farmer friend.

For the tososan, I selected materials that can be easily obtained at any home, so that you can feel tososan is more accessible and closer to you. Goji berries are often found in spice corners of supermarkets. Kuromoji can be replaced with any tea leaves you have at home.

The Sake & Mirin

Sake Sawada Brewery

Mikawa Mirin

The total of sake and mirin should be 300ml. If you want a sweeter brew, increase the proportion of mirin. For drier, increase the sake.

The Tososan

(ie. The brew of medicinal herbs and spices. Read: Otoso, The Forgotten Japanese New Year Tradition)

Believed to stimulate and activate the physiology of the body, and promotes metabolism.

Yuzu skin
Promotes blood circulation and warms the body through sweating. Even the scent of yuzu has a healing effect.

A deciduous shrub that grows a lot in Japan, kuromoji keeps your stomach healthy and promotes appetite.

Ginger warms the whole body from the gastrointestinal tract. It is good when your physical strength is falling due to cold or fatigue.

Goji berries
In China, goji berries are often used in meals as a medicine, they contain many ingredients that nourish the body and strengthen the immune system.

To Prepare

  1. Prepare 300ml of mirin and sake in the desired proportions.
  2. Make the tososan. Put all ingredients in small bowl and mix gently. If you’re using raw ginger, chop and dry it.
  3. Soak the tososan mixture in the mirin and sake mixture. After about
  4. 5 - 8 hours, taste the brew. If it’s infused to your liking, remove the tososan. Sip from your favorite small cup or glass!

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